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From our Shout-Out Blog:

Hurricane Ike Aftermath: Local grocery stores throughout Houston opened for business as quickly as they could, many stores and businesses used generators. If homes, restaurants and businesses were near a fire station or hospital, they might even have electricity after Hurricane Ike

We were able to eat one hot meal a day by locating one of those lucky restaurants. The lines are the grocery stores and restaurants were long but usually not too long. A tour of more neighborhoods revealed more tree damage but also some electric line repair crews at work.
North Houston grocery store running on generator
North Houston grocery store running on generator
More houses with tree damage from Hurricane Ike
More houses with tree damage from Hurricane Ike
Electric line repair crews deployed after Hurricane Ike
Electric line repair crews deployed after Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike 3 day tracking map as of Friday morning before the storm

Live Blogging Hurricane Ike: Our Internet connections are getting slower today, we are probably not going to be able to post as many images as before. Gas shortages in the Houston and Galveston area have been reported pretty steadily on the TV news. Even the county judge in Fort Bend County was complaining about the gas shortages in his county.

There have been some explanations that the demand for gasoline has spiked up to seven times the regular demand. The traffic maps show traffic is very light in the Houston area with most Houstonians hunkering down in their homes. Most businesses and schools in southeast Texas have closed until next Monday. Only essential businesses and hospitals are staying open although our local video store claims they found one volunteer to keep the video store open all weekend through Hurricane Ike.

Over the past 24 hours, we took many photographs of our fellow Houstonians getting ready for Hurricane Ike - now predicted to come in southwest of Houston and Galveston Texas:

Houston neigbors boarding up their house in preparation for Hurricane Ike
Houston Hurricane Evacuation Conta-Flow signs (Not in use as of 9-11-08 1:41pm)
Water Bottle supplies at nearby grocery store before Hurricane Ike
The local grocery stores in the Houston Texas area quickly ran out of water bottles. Some stores are strugging to replenish their water bottle stock.

According to the latest tracking charts with the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Ike is possibly heading directly toward Galveston and Houston Texas. Remember that hurricanes can switch directions quickly:

According to one of our favorite weather blogs at Weather Undergound - Jeff Master's Blog:
"Hurricane Ike's winds remain at Category 2 strength, but Ike is a freak storm with extreme destructive storm surge potential. Ike's pressure fell rapidly last night to 944 mb, but the hurricane did not respond to the pressure change by increasing its maximum winds in the eyewall. Instead, Ike responded by increasing the velocity of its winds away from the eyewall, over a huge stretch of the Gulf of Mexico. Another very unusual feature of Ike is the fact that the surface winds are much slower than the winds being measured aloft by the Hurricane Hunters. Winds at the surface may only be at Category 1 strength, even though Ike has a central pressure characteristic of a Category 3 or 4 storm. This very unusual structure makes forecasting the future intensity of Ike nearly impossible. The possibilities range from a Category 1 storm at landfall--as predicted by the HWRF model--to a Category 4 storm at landfall, as predicted by the GFDL....[read more]"

In the middle of hurricane season in the United States, has some recommendations from our weather page for our favorite weather web sites to keep up-to-date on the current hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Some weather web sites we like to track hurricanes: The above image is a satellite photo for Hurricane Ike on September 7, 2008 (NOAA).
Local Weather From Locals!

| WxUSA Hurricane |

FEMA Advisories

Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Damage Potential Scale
CategoryWind SpeedStorm SurgeDamage
174-95 mph4-5 feetMimimal
296-110 mph6-8 feetModerate
3111-130 mph9-12 feetExtensive
4131-155 mph13-18 feetExtreme
5more than
155 mph
More than
18 feet

* Featured Sites *

The Weather Guys
Brings You Live Weather

The Weather Guys brings you live weather, weather via email, weather images and weather information for free! Great weather site! One of the best on the Internet!

North St. Paul, Minnesota
Weather Observatory

This station was established in February 1962. A complete weather observing station taking hourly and daily observations, plus a complete climatological set of records for the past 36 years. If you live in Minnesota or are interested in weather, this weather site is a must see!
They provide free, custom travel weather forecasts for all major travel routes of the Southwest U.S. The forecasts are unique and user-friendly, and are the first of their kind on the Internet, with patent-pending status of the process. Travelers from the Southwest planning to drive to and from LA could access a weather forecast for their route.

Weather For You - Wx4u.Com
Free, real time, weather warnings, email, images, graphics, forecasts, conditions and much more. This site is for anyone interested in the weather and is available at Wx4u.Com!

A Page for Sharon Resultan
Dedicated to Weather Channel OCM (On-Camera Meteorologist) Sharon Resultan. Contains links, pictures, poll, guestbook, and more.

NovaLynx Corporation
A manufacturer and distributor of instruments and systems for weather and water monitoring.

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