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Clinton Scandal and the
Impeachment Process MetaSearch


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by Andrew Morton


Current News
on the Impeachment Process

CNN is probably the best place to catch the latest Clinton Scandal News.

The Library of Congress has placed online some interesting documents on President Andrew Jackson's Impeachment trial. Very nice background information about the only previous U.S. Presidential impeachment trial.

The Senate trial was carried on the Internet using the Real G2 player at Download the free player. It's quick and easy!

For historical purposes, Starr's testimony and Hyde's response at still at the House Judiciary Homepage.

Latest White House press briefing is at White House Press Releases.

Best site for the Clinton Video are at the CNN News page.

Best sites for the Starr report and Clinton Video are at the CNN Starr report page and the Washington Post.

Presidential rebuttal should be at the CNN Clinton rebuttal page, the Washington Post and the White House Press Release page.

(Note: Most other sites at the US House were busy or the report was not yet available.)

First, check at the US Congress IC Starr Report Page
for the Starr report and Thomas Library of Congress Page. Finally, another mirror site at GPO Access Page.

Try the US House Judiciary Home Page
on for the Starr/Clinton report!

Plus for the H.Res.525 - Committee Deliberation of the Communication from the Independent Counsel at the US House Rules Home Page.

Also at the US House Judiciary Independent Counsel Referral Page.

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