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Provides free content (news & articles) and other resources to online publishers.

Great international news! Keep up-to-date with all the global news all day long!

Christian Science Monitor

The daily online newspaper offers visitors award-winning, independent, global coverage, national news, audio updates and features geared to family life and community. Find the full text and graphics from each day's print edition of the Monitor, weekly Work & Money, Education, Arts & Leisure sections, multimedia specials, audio stories, a fully searchable 19-year text archive, interactive crossword puzzle and much more.

Global news & analysis

Real-time news, analysis, and commentary, providing global coverage of significant geopolitical, economic, and military events on the Internet. As a private, for-profit company we are dedicated to providing an independent perspective. Includes extensive coverage from hot spots around the world. One of the heartbeats of the news on the Web! A must-see web site!

The WWW Virtual Library:  International Affairs Resources

This section of the WWW Virtual Library presents over 1400 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics. Sites are chosen because of long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, high-quality information and analysis online.

News Roll

Constantly updated headlines of the world's top news. News done a little differently.

Internet Press

A news portal with over 23,000 news sources online. They review daily and construct 24/24 hours. Great way to locate top news sources from around the world!

T.J. Walker is a progressive writer, radio talk show host and TV commentator. However, the site also links web surfers to publications and media outlets across the political spectrum.

My Turn
by Robert Paul Reyes

Read his fascinating and
interesting columns from Texas. Robert Paul Reyes is a columnist for the Internet edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Provides news and facts on all 50 United States. Written by journalists for journalists, policy makers and citizens, it's non-partisan, non-profit and  funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

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The Praque Tribune

A parallel search engine that retrieves the summaries of articles from the archives of hundreds of online information sources like newspapers, magazines and journals.

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