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Yugoslavia / Kosovo Web and Internet Guide..
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Online Yugoslavia and Kosovo Resources MetaSearch



Yugoslavia / Kosovo

* Featured Sites *

Global news & analysis

Real-time news, analysis, and commentary, providing global coverage of significant geopolitical, economic, and military events on the Internet. As a private, for-profit company we are dedicated to providing an independent perspective. Includes extensive coverage of Kosovo and Yugoslavia!  

Architecture for Humanity

An open competition to design transitional housing for the returning Kosovars and, in this troubled world, other peoples whose homes have been similarly destroyed. The designs will act as a five-year bridge between the rubble that now blankets the landscape and the rebuilt homes of the future. Their goal: to raise awareness of the needs of returning refugees and develop better temporary housing solutions for victims of war or natural disaster.

Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien

A Swiss nongovernmental organization which supports independent media in all parts of former Yugoslavia...

Language Academy - Kosovo
How can we help?

A site devoted to informing users about news and information related to Kosovo, it's people as well as issues regarding immigration and education.  

* Peace Agreement *

Peacekeeping from...
BBC News

news at...
The Dallas Morning News

Serbs worry about their safety in Kosovo...
New York Times
(Registration Required)

Peace Process
from Yuguslavia ...
Serbia Info



* Helpful Books *

  • Note: These are web sites from around the world about the Kosovo Crisis. Several web sites are the official and unofficial web pages involved in both sides of the conflict, so be careful in how you evaluate the information. Read the news and information provided with a critical eye. Some are very opinionated and very one-sided. Be sure to consider the source and examine all sides before drawing any conclusions.


* Featured Sites *


Yugoslavia / Kosovo
International Media and
Aid Organizations
General Information

United States Media
and Government Sites

European Human Rights, Media
and Government Sites


Yugoslavia / Kosovo
Regional and Local Web Sites
Former Yugoslavia Sites


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